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1. The period of y = -3 sin( pi x - 1 )+ 4 is endamath

amath 2. The maximum value of y = 3 cos ( pi x - 2)-2 is endamath

amath 3. y = 2 sin (x - 3)- 4 maps the origin from y=sin x to the point, endamath

amath 4. Which graph has an amplitude of 6 and is a reflection of endamath sin x /cos x across the y-axis?


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While I wrote the whole theory from scratch, here are some URL's you can also look at for trigonometric functions and their transformations:
  1. library.thinkquest.org
  2. Java applet from shaw.ca
  3. jamesrahn.com
  4. Trigonometry functions handout